New Construction

13From concept to completion, Appalachian Custom Homes will walk with you through every step of constructing your new dream home.  We specialize in providing our clients with complete turn-key construction services.  From site selection and design to finish carpentry and landscaping, all of our services are completed in house.  Our process is simple, let us show you how:

Step 1:  Client Consultation

Every client is unique, so every home is unique.  We cannot begin to design your home until we take time to learn what is important to you.  We will discuss:

Your Requirements & Wants

  • What features are important for you to have in your home.
  • We will look at room sizes and locations along with the flow and balance of your home.
  • What rooms will you use most and how you utilize your space.

Site Assessment

  • How will your home fit on your property.
  • What natural features of your property do we want to incorporate into the design.


  • It’s important to discuss budget
  • This will allow us to adjust not only the design of your home, but also construction materials and methods to accommodate your budget.

It is important for us to form our relationship with you as well during this meeting.  The majority of the time our clients live hundreds of miles away from the site of their new home and our initial consultation is the building block for a long trusting relationship.

Step 2:  Site Selection & Placement

Whether you have an existing building site or Appalachian Custom Homes is helping you select one, the selection of this site and placement of your home are critical components of the final product.  Our clients choose to make their home in the mountains because of the natural beauty, picturesque views, and natural elements such as creeks and waterfalls.  Our specialty is to nestle your home within the natural surroundings.  Our goal is to make your home one with nature.

Natural elements of your building site will have an impact on the design of your home.  We will discuss what natural elements are important to you and work them into the design and placement of your home on the site.  Appalachian Custom Homes has a great deal of experience in meeting the requirements and challenges of building in the mountains.  This experience will play a large role during site selection and building placement.

Step 3:  Design, Planning, & Specifications

It is time to see your dreams turn into reality!  Appalachian Custom Homes can provide in-house design services, allowing us to put your vision on paper.  We have designed more than ninety percent of the homes we have built.  Appalachian Custom Homes has also partnered with Moss Creek, an award winning design firm that specializes in unique mountain design.  Based upon the scope of your project, Moss Creek will be a strategic partner in the design of your home. During this stage of our process we will:

  • Prepare Drawings “We will put together a complete set of floor plans, elevations, and construction documents.  These documents will not only show you what your home will look like, but will define how your home is constructed.  These documents will also define building placement on your site.
  • Material Selections “We will look at numerous material options specific for the style of your home.  We will review the specifications for the materials in detail, from their warranties and maintenance issues right down to points gained for LEED or NAHB Green Building Programs.  Appalachian Custom Homes has teamed with Appalachian Antique Hardwoods to offer unique materials to your project such as poplar bark siding, reclaimed barnwood, historic flooring, and reclaimed beams.  We are also an authorized distributor for Rocky Mountain Log Homes offering complete milled and handcrafted log packages along with unique timber frame and historical siding products.

We will walk with you through every step of the material selection process.  We will educate you on different materials, their pro’s and con’s.

  • Prepare Specifications  We will work with you to put together a complete set of specifications for your new home.  These documents will define all the materials for your home.  From windows and doors right down to lighting fixtures and door handles, every detail of your home will be clearly defined.
  • Budget Review “During this stage we will incorporate all of the construction documents and design specifications to provide you with a final budget for your home.  We will define all costs and draw schedules.  We feel a clearly defined schedule ensures a successful project.

Step 4:  Contract & Construction

After all construction documents, design specifications, and budget schedule have been prepared we will enter into a contract to construct.  During this stage of our process we will:

  • Locate Home “With final construction documents completed we will located your home on the site.  We will ensure all natural elements of the site are preserved and natural mountain views are enhanced.  We will locate driveways and parking areas as well.  Once the home and driveways are located, we will sign-off on their locations and begin excavation.
  • Dry-In Walk Through “Upon completion of the dry-in, all exterior walls, roofs, windows, & doors installed, of your home we will complete a walk though of the interior.  We will review interior wall locations, mechanical and electrical locations, and other items that are unique to the construction of your home.
  • Project Updates “Appalachian Custom Homes specializes in working with clients who cannot be on-site as often as they would like.  We provide you with detail project updates including progress photos throughout the construction of your home.

Step 5:  Welcome Home

Appalachian Custom Homes will present your completed home to you.  Not only will we walk you through all of the charm and character of your home, but we will provide you with the knowledge of how to you maintain and enjoy your new home.  We will complete a thorough walk thru of your home to ensure your complete satisfaction